Kostal Ireland GmbH.

Anne Murphy
Training Officer

In 2016, LIT in conjunction with Industry introduced the Industrial Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship (NFQ Level 7). Kostal Ireland GmbH is transitioning some of our business to meet the need for the Electric Vehicle market and this apprenticeship covered a training need that we had within our Technical group for upskilling. From the onset of our involvement with LIT, it has been a very collaborative process and our input was taken on board regarding aspects of the apprenticeship.

We currently have one apprentice completing this apprenticeship and we feel that this is delivered to a high standard, with high-quality tutors and the content has the correct balance of theory as well as practical elements to ensure learning takes place. First class individual attention is provided as required to the apprentice.

The staff at LIT are always professional and are very quick to respond to any queries.

empoloyer hmv

H&MV Engineering Ltd.

At H&MV Engineering, we are the leading specialist in High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Systems in Ireland. We bring those standards to our search for top employee development opportunities. We were delighted therefore for one of our employees to participate in the Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering at LIT. Our experience, both of the staff and the support from the college itself has been excellent.

We would have no hesitation in recommending LIT’s Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering and look forward to partnering with them in the future.

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Reach Active

Dejan Stojanovic CEng MIEI

LIT has identified the demand for knowledge within electrical engineering industry and developed dynamic education model, commercially acceptable to competitive enterprises.

It successfully influences the candidate’s problem-solving skills by teaching them to think differently, to engineer the solutions scientifically by application of electrical engineering knowledge and modern software tools. This brings substantial direct benefits, not only to our business in Reach Active, but I believe to entire Irish Economy.