Ian McGuire

Ian Mc Guire

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering
Kirby Group Engineering

Since starting the apprenticeship I have seen some of my personal and presentation skills grow. I had an initial fear that I wouldn’t be able for the maths but we have a brilliant lecturer who helped us get through it.

Some of the main benefits of this course for me would be learning how to use electrical drawing software, presentation skills, using excel and having a better knowledge of the role of an electrical engineer.

James Frawley

James Frawley

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering
Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

I work in a highly-automated production process that uses a lot of modern technology from PLC’s to Robotics in its day to day running. The Industrial electrical engineering Apprenticeship in LIT incorporates the necessary subjects that will aid me in improving my skills to deal with all this modern technology which is playing a key role in manufacturing.

The apprenticeship route has proved to be the best path for me as it has given me the opportunity to complete this course while still holding full employment.

Colin Gorey

Colin Gorey

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering
Analog Devices (ADI)

I’m studying Industrial Electrical Engineering which is an Apprenticeship which LIT have set up to further qualified electricians educations. During the downturn in the economy, I ended up making the decision to leave the electrical scene and started working for a company called Analog Devices (ADI). I spent the next 8 years working as an MTM basically a machine operator, but deep down in the back of my mind I always wanted to better myself.

I was approached by my company about this apprenticeship. Obviously, I was very interested but apprehensive. I am personally proud of myself that Analog Devices were willing to send me on a full-time course.

My goal was to get my qualification and try and get a job in the technician group in Analog Devices. As a result of this new programme, I was given the technician job and as you can guess I am over the moon. As a mature student of 38 years old this was not going to be easy but I can speak on behalf of my fellow students that the lecturers are very helpful and are willing to give you their time.

student 3

Terence Chaplin

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

In my current role in J&J Vision Care I am responsible for planned maintenance and emergency breakdown repair to utilities and production systems. One of the main things that attracted me to this course is that it is very industry focused and relevant. Another huge plus for somebody like me who has family and financial commitments is that the apprenticeship route allows me to return to education on a full-time basis while still getting paid.
I have found the lectures to be very supportive and understanding of the challenges that I have faced as a mature student. One of the main benefits of the course so far is that it has provided me with an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and has reawakened an interest in learning.

Andrew Lane Current Apprenticeship Analog Devices

Andrew Lane

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering
Analog Devices

I always thought about third level education but the idea of doing an evening course for 3-4 years to get a degree didn’t really appeal to me. This Apprenticeship in Industrial Electrical Engineering was different in that you would be doing blocks in college and the total duration would be 2 years.

Initially, when I started the course I was very nervous. I didn’t know if I would be up to the task as I had been out of the college scene for the bones of 11 years. However, once I met all my class mates, I realised that we were all on the same boat, it put my mind a little more at ease!

Being a mature student has both its pro’s and cons. I’m much more focused now than I was when I was younger but the flipside is that I have also a lot more responsibilities now that do take up a lot of time.

Ultimately my goal is to get a Level 8 honours degree in Industrial Electrical Engineering. Where that will take me, I’m not sure but I’m excited about what lies ahead. As much as there is a stress factor with being back in college I also feel refreshed and to an extent, rejuvenated.